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 Rules for Everyone

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PostSubject: Rules for Everyone   Rules for Everyone I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2012 9:56 am

1) Be nice!
2) No cussing without censoring
3) If your char is a first year, your house will be assigned by the Ceremony in RP. If your char is second year +, then he/she will be assigned to a house when approved.
4) You can do anything to a student (with their permission), like killing or turning to stone, just be aware that if a Professor finds out they will take points from the char's house in RP.
5) Admins will RP Professors.
6) No bad drugs
7) No powerplay/god-mode
8.) No going in the Chamber of Secrets without permission
9) No perfect chars
10) No bossing
11) If your first year isn't there at the ceremony time, just pretend they were and they have been through the year like the rest.
12) No double-posting except in Houses, and the Owlery for your char to visit his/her owl.
13) No over-perfect chars
15) no cussing without censoring (again xD)
16) A regular 2-6 months is a full Hogwarts year. So, if you were to go all 7 years, it would really be different in our years. After that, your char can become a helper/professor.

*More coming soon*
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Rules for Everyone
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